Honolulu's Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Products

The Gold Standard: Mitsubishi Split Zone Systems

Packaged Systems

Comprised of a condenser, compressor and evaporator all located within a single cabinet. This type of system is commonly used in small commercial buildings. The unit is typically placed on a roof or on a concrete slab next to the building foundation. As a single system, it is easier to service.

Split Systems

Consists of an external compressor and condenser combined with an internal air handler. This type of split design unit is application specific and is frequently used when installation space is an issue.

Why a Ductless Split System?  

Multiple Advantages

  • Quiet indoor operation
  • No interior ductwork
  • Lower equipment & installation costs than central air
  • Flexibility to establish separate temperature zones
  • Eliminates wasted energy cooling unoccupied rooms

Quick Installation

  • Eliminates the cost and hassle of ductwork installation
  • Simply requires a 3 inch opening in the exterior wall
  • Unit is typically mounted high on an interior wall or ceiling

Lower Energy Cost

  • 12 Year Diamond Warranty on Parts (restrictions apply)
  •  Ozone Friendly R-410A Refrigerant
  • High SEER - Up To 30% Energy Savings
  • Super Silent
  • Multi-Part Filters for Cleaner Air
  • Independently Controlled Room Temperatures
  • Variable Compressor Speed Technology

"We assess your cooling needs and identify the best installation options for your specific situation." - Randy Iwamoto, Owner