AC Maintenance & Repair

Preventive Inspection & Maintenance

maintenanceb2RMI and our equipment manufacturers recommend regularly scheduled system maintenance by a qualified technician. The specific maintenance service recommended for your system varies by the type of equipment, its frequency and duration of use as well as your particular environment (i.e., exposure to salt, excessive moisture, heavy dust, etc.). In general, residential air conditioning systems typically need service once or twice per year. Consult with RMI to determine the optimal schedule for your specific equipment and situation.

RMI provides this essential service for its valued clients through our Preventative Maintenance Program. By professionally maintaining your system, you will achieve several meaningful benefits:

• Extends The Life Of Your System
• Reduces Repairs Required
• Assures Your System Reliably Operates At Its Peak Efficiency
• Assures Trouble-Free Operation
• Controls Your Energy Usage
• Keeps Energy Bills Manageable

Expert AC Repairs

• Factory-Trained Technicians
• Wide Variety Of Repairs Offered
• Estimate In Advance Of Work Being Performed
• You Can Count On Responsive Customer Service

Air System Consulting

Sales & Installation

Preventive Maintenance


Refrigeration Service

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