Preventive Maintenance


preventiveRefrigeration Preventive Maintenance

Based on Department of Energy (DOE) statistics, commercial refrigeration equipment that is regularly maintained lasts an average 10 years. For equipment that's not properly maintained, the optimal life is significantly reduced to 6-8 years. With RMI's Commercial Preventive Maintenance Agreement, our Technicians keep your refrigeration equipment operating at peak performance resulting in multiple benefits to your business.

• Choice of Maintenance Program Frequency
• Extended System Life Expectancy
• Reduced System Failures & Downtime
• Improved Operating Efficiency
• Lowered Energy Cost

emergency2Emergency Repair

Given the critical importance of your commercial refrigeration equipment, its essential to minimize the downtime due to unforeseen problems. RMI's technicians have the knowledge and training required to quickly diagnose and fix your equipment. In addition, they will also test it following the repair to ensure its operating at optimal efficiency.

• Technicians on Call 24 Hours Per Day
• High Efficiency Repairs Combined with Quality Workmanship

Refrigeration Equipment Serviced


• Ice Machines
• Coolers
• Freezers
• Walk-in Coolers
• Walk-in Freezers
• Beverage Chiller Systems
• Other Large Appliances

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Preventive Maintenance


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